About Media Forest

Our vision

To be the "ears" of the media world.

Our goal

To offer music artists, songwriters, artist managers, producers, record labels, music publishers, public relations, and others, an immediate and personalized access to real-time, accurate, information of their air-played music artworks.

Who are we

Media Forest was founded by a group of experienced and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The company has developed a unique system that monitors broadcasting channels (radio stations, TV channels, Internet streaming), tracks and identifies broadcasted content and media intelligence events, and, accordingly, provides added-value content and information services.

What do we do

Our system tracks broadcasted media content (songs, commercials, video clips, etc.) independently to the broadcasting channel. It provides immediate, accurate, airplay information and playlist reports, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The essence of our service

To automatically identify broadcasted content, transforming these media events into powerful marketing information and knowledge.

Want to know more...

Are radio stations, TV channels, or Web streaming sites playing your music? Do you know what songs were played? When? How many times? Was your music played today, this week, this month, or this year? Was your music played in its entirety or was it partially played as a short clip? Do you know where can you find all this valuable information?

Leading as well as young artists and music professionals are already using Media Forest services.

You too deserve to "Know you're ON AIR..."